Limited to six students. No experience required, beginners welcome, all materials included.
Ten weekly one-hour sessions. 


Please bring your ukulele to class.Have you ever seen anyone frowning while holding a ukulele?Absolutely not! It’s like trying to be sad while water skiing. It just can’t be done. The truth is, that just the sound of this beautiful instrument has been giving people that warm and happy feeling for over eighty years in the UK. and now you can take that feeling with you everywhere you go!Ukulele Basics is a ten-week course which will have you playing classic ukulele songs like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland and “I’m Yours” by the Jason Mraz. You’ll also learn basic uke strums and techniques on not-so-classic ukulele songs like “Take on Me” by A-ha and “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding.You’ll be carelessly strumming songs from your first day and by the end of the first week you won’t be able to put it down!Absolutely no ukulele experience required.


Ukulele Fun

• Beginners with no prior experience with musical instruments
• Self-taught players who want to polish up their skills
• Anyone who wants to pick up a new skill
• Anyone seeking a new hobby, be part of an ever-growing community
• Anyone who wants to learn to play a musical instrument

Learn to strum your favourite tunes and add a touch of Hawaiian feel to your music.Ukulele players are a peace-loving, friendly and non-competitive bunch.

Beginner/Intermediate Ukulele Method

• Beginners with some experience on stringed instruments
• Self-taught players who want to learn music theory
• Ukulele strummers who want to learn how to play melody or solos

Play songs like Hey Jude by The Beatles, Fields of Gold by Sting, I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash, Price Tag by Jessie J and Rule The World by Coldplay

Ukulele Course

Learn all about the ukulele as our experienced teachers guide you through the different music genres most common to the ukulele, even if you are a beginner with no prior background in music. But if you know a chord or two, you are qualified to join a more advanced level.

Intermediate Ukulele

• Students who have completed Module 2
• Guitar players who are keen to pick up the ukulele
• Ukulele players who are proficient in strumming and picking
• Ukulele players who wants to expand their repertoire

Live Ukulele

Our method is simple, progressive, comprehensive and fun! I will show the student WHAT and HOW to practice, as well as HOW to  self-correct when he/she makes an error or experience difficulty in chord-changing. Lessons are taught using audio and visual presentations.Check out our brilliant lessons at Guitar Lessons London.