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Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones

Ukulele Teacher

Rosie is a fantastic Teacher and lovers teaching beginners.We are very happy to happy to have Rosie with us at Ukulele Lessons London. Rosie started out as a singer and songwriter before she found the Ukulele. Releasing two albums on a prestigious indie label,, her band toured Europe.

Karen Phillips

Karen Phillips

Ukulele Teacher

Karen grew up in a family of professional musicians and began her teaching career in 2000. Her patience, enthusiasm and committment to teaching are all reasons that we are thrilled to have Karen as an integral part of Ukulele Lessons London!

Richard Mayer

Richard Mayer

Ukulele & Guitar Teacher

Richard has loved music for as long as he remembers. Coming from London, he began playing guitar at age 10 with an amplifier and a patient family. Soon after, he was learning new chords from songbooks of The Beatles and trying to emulate his  Ukulele icon, Jake Shimabukuro .

Ukulele Lessons

Playing the ‘ukulele is fun. It can be as easy with Ukulele lessons London.We love teaching people who have never played an instrument, as well as those who already play. Mastering the ‘ukulele involves learning strums, chords, where the notes are, and how to transpose and arrange songs and tunes.


London Ukulele

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Everyone is welcome! Come on down and make new friends, improve your Uke skills, and have some fun all at the same time.London

Play Ukulele Today

This is a newbie and absolute beginner level Ukulele Meetup designed to teach you easy ukulele songs, strums and techniques to get you ready to play at other ukulele Meetups, campfires, family gatherings and your own private gigs. These meetup classes are fun, friendly, interactive and designed so you can jump in at any time. Bring a friend!

Ukulele Socials

Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Players – ALL ARE WELCOME! London ukulele club holds regular events including workshops, performances, open mic & jam sessions.  Learn new chords and tabs, learn other techniques, play and sing, songwrite, perform solo and have jam sessions.

We offer several classes for both the beginner and advanced player, along with vocal lessons. Monthly group classes, special one-time workshops and private lessons available. For current class listings and other fun events call Ukulele Lessons Today!

UKULELE LESSONS LONDON We will play great songs in interesting genres and styles. Singers welcome! Come and be part of our Ukulele community